Personalized training based on your running and your life.

Choose the option that meets your needs and budget. All plans are 100 percent custom-made and based on your running experience, injury history, goals, lifestyle, schedule, and time available for training.

  • Basic Training Plan
  • $219-269/ ONE TIME PAYMENT
    • Custom made training plan based on your goals/life
    • Initial Zoom/phone training plan walk-through
    • $219 for up to 14 weeks
      $269 for up to 20 weeks
    • Download Plan Sample

  • Premium Training Plan
  • $319-419/ ONE TIME PAYMENT
    • Custom made training plan based on your goals/life
    • Initial Zoom/phone training plan walk-through
    • Email check-in and support 1X per month
    • Training pace / mileage adjustments 1X at halfway point of your plan
    • $319 for up to 14 weeks
      $419 for up to 20 weeks
    • Download Plan Sample

  • Personal Coaching
    • Custom made training plan based on your goals/life
    • Initial Zoom/phone training plan walk-through
    • Unlimited email check-in and support are included
    • Unlimited training pace / mileage adjustments included
    • $169 per month (no minimum)
    • Download Plan Sample

Training and Coaching FAQs

When you sign up for a training plan or personal coaching, you will receive a link to an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will cover details about your running experience, injury history, training history, training likes/dislikes, life schedule, and other variables that will factor into the plan I write for you.

After you fill out the questionnaire, I will contact you with any follow-up questions and to schedule the initial walk-through of your training plan. Turnaround time for a training plan is 1-2 weeks from when you complete the questionnaire.
Yes! The background questionnaire includes questions about what days during the week are best/worst for training, dates you know you will be traveling or otherwise will have trouble training, and any tune-up races you have on the calendar. I will use all of that information to make sure your plan works with the rest of your life.
Yes! For example, one popular option is to do a 12 week training plan for the initial part of your training and then two months of personal coaching during the most intense training for your race.
No. However, distance running is a sport that rewards patience and consistent training. Because of that, a single month of personal coaching, not in combination with an additional training plan, is unlikely to produce great results.
For training plans and premium training plans, the entire schedule is written at the outset of the plan. Adjustments of paces and mileage are included at the halfway point of the Premium Training Plan. For Personal Coaching, the training plan is written 3-4 weeks at a time to better account for how your training is progressing.
Two reasons:
1) Because the training plan is written at the outset of training, it is too difficult to project where your training will be after 20 weeks.
2) Mentally it is difficult to commit to a goal and train hard for longer than 20 weeks. If you need a longer buildup for a particular race, contact me for options.
If something major happens and you are unable to continue with the training plan, the plan is still yours to keep and use for a future race. If you have a minor setback and need some adjustments to the plan to get back on track, that service is billed hourly for Training Plan clients and included at the halfway point of the training plan for Premium Training Plan clients. Personal Coaching clients receive unlimited adjustments to their schedules as part of the monthly fee.

Have another question, or unsure which option is best for you?

Write your own success story…

Sarah K.

“My experience with Coach Carl has been absolutely wonderful. When I joined his training program, I was very discouraged from a history of injuries. I wanted to run a half marathon at a competitive pace to symbolize I had finally overcome these injuries. He not only offered great running tips and a fantastic running plan, but he also provided encouragement and support. He has helped me complete two half marathons, set a PR of 1:38:16, and I am now working with him to complete my first full marathon. Thanks to Coach Carl, I am thrilled to feel like an athlete again!”

Brett M.

“One of the best things about having Carl as a coach is the flexibility his training provides. He understands that everyone has other things going on in their lives and sometimes you just can’t keep to a schedule. From helping me train for my first 100 mile race to finally getting a PR in the half-marathon, Coach Carl has been instrumental in my development not only as a better runner, but a smarter runner as well. Coach Carl is the first running coach I have had and I don’t think I will ever need another one!”

Allison T.

“I’ve been working with Coach Carl for four years and the results have been amazing. Coach Carl has helped me to set challenging goals — both immediate and long range — and the training plans are thoroughly designed with those goals in mind. I wanted a coach to help bring focus to my running, and my times have improved dramatically. I am achieving times I never thought possible. I have PR’d in the Half Marathon 3 times and dropped my decade old marathon PR enough to qualify for Boston – a lifelong dream. The best decision I’ve made in my 30 years of running was hiring Carl as my coach.”