Efficient running is easy running.

All runners can benefit by finding their most efficient running form. Running efficiently:


  1. decreases the chance of injury

  2. reduces fatigue

  3. improves speed


But efficient running form isn’t just about how you move. That’s why my analysis is a multi-step process:

1) Structural Analysis

The analysis starts with diagnostic tests of strength and flexibility in running-specific areas. These tests pinpoint the weaknesses that are keeping you from running efficiently.

2) Mechanical Analysis

Next is frame-by-frame video analysis of how you run. This allows a detailed look at how your upper and lower body move as you run and what changes we need to make.

3) Exercise Instruction

Based on the testing and video analysis, I walk you through a personalized routine of pre-run and post-run drills and exercises to address your weakest areas.

Running Form Analysis FAQs

After the testing, video work, and exercise instruction, I compile and send you:

1. The results of your structural tests
2. Your personalized pre-run and post-run exercise routines (including links to instructional videos of the drills and exercises)
3. Screenshots of your video analysis with my notes on your main areas of focus
Quite simply, only that we don't meet in-person!

I'll send you instructions on how to film / photograph the diagnostic tests and examples of you running. Once you send those to me, we schedule a time to video conference and talk through what I'm seeing and what we need to focus on.

Then we'll discuss the exercises I'll be putting in your pre-run and post-run routines and go over examples.

Finally, I'll send over my diagnostic notes, your exercise routines, and the screen shots of your running video with my notes for you to refer back to.
The exact length of the analysis depends on what areas we need to address in your running. In general, the in-person analysis usually takes around 90 minutes and the video conference for the virtual analysis usually takes around 60 minutes.
Yes! Most runners notice the improvements in their running start after 4-6 weeks of doing drills and exercises regularly. At that time you can schedule a follow-up session to make sure your improvements are on track. Contact me directly to schedule a follow-up session.
I prefer to find a location that is convenient for you. It can be done at a track or a park as long as there is a flat, paved stretch of approximately 100 meters. If you have questions on the location, feel free to contact me before signing up.