When life gets in the way

Most runners have a training program they follow when they’re getting ready for a race. But most of us aren’t professional runners … We have jobs, families, and plenty of other responsibilities. So there will come a time when what is written on your training plan and what is realistic to do that day aren’t compatible.


When your life and your training program aren’t in sync, try these adjustments:


  • Switch days around
    It may be possible just to move your long run from Saturday to Sunday or for you to switch a recovery day and a workout day. As long as you don’t find yourself with multiple hard days in a row this approach won’t impact your training much.
  • Shorten the workout
    If you don’t have time for a 4 mile tempo, maybe you can sneak a 2-3 mile one in on your lunch break. If you’re training for a half-marathon or marathon, you don’t want to skimp too often, but every few weeks shouldn’t cause a problem.
  • Up the intensity
    If your schedule is packed and neither of the other options are available, you can always go for the most bang for your buck. My go-to workout here is 60 second hill repeats. You can do it in a short amount of time, you’ll get your heart rate up quickly, and build some strength too.