Get off your heels: Ankling Drill

The evils of heel-striking is a popular topic of conversation among runners. Although I don’t believe there is one true “correct” form for all runners, I agree that landing more on your mid or fore-foot is a good goal.


That might seem easier said than done — especially if you’ve been heel-striking for a number of years. But you can train your body to move in different ways relatively quickly.


A great drill to use before your runs to help build a new habit of landing on your mid or fore-foot is called “ankling.” You can see a demonstration of it above.


Don’t feel like you have to do the drill as quickly as it’s shown in the video — it’s much more important to focus on correct form and making sure that your feet are landing underneath your hips.


Adding this drill for 2x30m before each run will start to teach your brain and nervous system a new, “correct” way to move and help you make heel-striking a thing of the past.