Practice balance to be a better runner

One thing that sets running apart from other sports is that you never have both feet on the ground at the same time. So all the stabilizing work your body has to do happens with only one foot on the ground — and that’s an inherently challenging task.


To help reduce the workload on your body during this phase of your stride, it’s important that you have good balance. Since most of us don’t spend much time standing on one leg (outside of running, at least), our balance tends to be underdeveloped.


But the good news is that balance can be developed relatively quickly since it is more about developing coordination rather than building strength or fitness.


The balance drill in the video is a short, simple exercise that you can include in your post-run routine to help improve your balance and make your body more efficient as you run. Do it with your shoes off to get the most benefit, and make sure to progress to more difficult versions as you improve.