Monster Walks: Hip strength

It’s no secret that strong hips helps you run more efficiently and reduce the risk of running injuries. It probably also doesn’t come as a surprise that most runners need to do more to strengthen their hips.


Monster walks are a great exercise to add to your strength routine because they involve lateral movements (moving side-to-side) that you miss out on when all you do is run. It’s an exercise that you can do with just your body weight and the half-squat position makes sure that the strength you’re building is running specific.


Check out the video for the correct form, as well as advanced variations. It’s quick and simple, so try to out after your next run!


About Coach Carl
Coach Carl is a USA Track & Field Level 2 endurance coach who works with runners of all ability levels to reach their goals. He has been featured in Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Competitor. For information on his coaching services, click here.